Original Poker Set
Original Poker Set
Original Poker Set
Original Poker Set
Original Poker Set
Original Poker Set
Original Poker Set

Original Poker Set

Regular price ¥16,500 / Tax included.

Masato Yokosawa originally design poker chip set.

The item includes all the necessary items for poker, such as playing cards and chips with a convenient aluminum case for easy transportation.

With this item, you can hold a poker tournament or ring game with 2 to 6 players.
This set is recommended for those who want to enjoy playing poker with friends.

The set also comes with an instruction book with tips and rules for playing poker, written by Masato Yokosawa himself.

Contents of the set

Chips: 4 types in total
100 chips x 75 pcs
500 chips x 25 pcs
1000 chips x 75 pcs
5000 chips x 25 pcs

Aluminum case with logo (approx. 22cm x 30cm x 7cm)
Playing cards (2 pairs blue + red)
Dealer button
All-in marker
Original commentary book

* Chips and playing cards are also sold separately.

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